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Using the latest methods in the world as
well as the most modern devices and
equipment in Glaris specialized clinic

Using the latest methods in the world as well as the most modern
devices and equipment, modern and standard hair transplant methods, FUT
method is the oldest and micrograft method is the newest method used in Glaris Clinic.

Has modern equipment

Specialized implant clinic

Hair Glaris

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Glaris Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the best hair
transplant clinics for natural eyebrow transplantation
and beard and mustache transplantation in Iran.

Glaris Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics for natural eyebrow
transplantation and beard and mustachetransplantation in Iran, which has been able to use
the latest methods in the world as well as the latest devices and equipment under the
supervision of Dr. Raheleh Ajrlou. Tehran province

The most professional medical staff

Has the most professional

Medical staff

Men hair transplant

Glaris Clinic, with its specialized team and the best medical facilities and equipment, extensive experience and the latest treatment and drug methods, has been able to achieve the h...

Beard implantation

Beard implants are very suitable for people who like to have a slightly shaved chin and people who like to have a beautiful and distinct beard line, but their facial hair is short and scattered.

Eyebrow transplantation

A distinctive feature of eyebrow implants of Glaris subspecialty clinic is the innovative method of this clinic in which eyebrow sleep is regulated and eyebrows are completely normal. ....

Women's hair transplant

Glaris specialized clinic offers the most attractive and beautiful for beautiful women using the latest and most successful techniques in the world. Fill in the hairless areas in a way that restores your beauty and youth.

Welcome To Glaris Clinic

This clinic was launched more than 15 years ago by Ms. Ajrlou, the founder of the clinic.

Glaris specialized clinic with a complete set of the best equipment and technology in the world and experienced and efficient specialists and trained personnel in all fields related to hair and eyebrow transplantation, has recorded successful experiences in its portfolio. During its 15 years of operation, Glaris Clinic has been looking for the best available techniques that are approved by the Ministry of Health of Iran and the European Union.

Hair transplantation using the latest techniques in the world

The newest and most up-to-date technique of implanting hair grafts in the place of baldness

  • • Use the best hair graft removal technique
  • • Graft removal and implantation without hand intervention by micro-motor device and implanter
  • • Using the best hair grafting technique without hand intervention by a micro-motor device
  • • Planting in micro size and density up to 4 times more than other methods
  • • Completely natural growth line with the highest delicacy in micro size and using single hair graft

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Glaris Specialized Clinic

Specialized planting service provider

Natural and permanent eyebrow implants Using the latest equipment and technology, ….

Our goal is to satisfy patients and achieve the highest density of hair transplants using ….

At Glaris Clinic, our goal is to implant a men’s beard in a treatment session with the highest possible density that your facial skin allows.

Our specialists at Glaris Clinic use the ideal hair transplant techniques to provide beauty …


Glaris Specialized Clinic

A number of features of our clinic

Modern clinic

Glaris Hair Transplant Clinic is the most reputable and well-equipped hair transplant clinic in Iran, which has been able to satisfy its patients in the field of hair transplantation for many years and restore beauty and charm to many people.

The most advanced tools

Glaris Clinic uses advanced devices, methods and equipment to eliminate skin and hair complications. The golden feature of natural hair transplantation is using new tools in a high-density session.

Experienced technician

Ms. Ajrlou is an experienced hair transplant specialist. All important surgeries and hair transplants are provided by Ms. Ajrlou herself with the highest quality and the most appropriate price. To date, she has been able to restore beauty to many people.

free consultation

You beauticians can find the best and most suitable surgical method, free consultation at the specified times Saturday, Monday, Wednesday 15 to 18 pm in this beauty clinic.

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